Wednesday, April 22, 2009

crossing my fingers....!

so there's possibly a new job in my future. i'm meeting with a mama tonight or this weekend to chat/interview. i've been looking for a new nannying gig for a while now as the family i'm working with now is just not working out for brady and i anymore. my boss has brought nothing but negativity into our lives and it's become an extremely toxic environment. as much as i love the girls, i just cannot stand to see two kids raised to treat people so disrespectfully, and i will not allow my son to see and hear children being spanked and screamed at for simply acting the way they've been shown how to act. the family i'm hoping to work with is an AP family with 2 boys, ages 1 and 3. they eat healthy food and encourage socialization of their children. they are even willing to pay for a gym membership so i can take the kids and work out during the day!!! i mean, this is an absolute DREAM JOB!!! they actually already found a new nanny, but the mama emailed me yesterday telling me it was looking like it was possibly not going to work out with her, so she wants to meet with me. and even if i don't get the job, she seems like a really good person and maybe brady and i will make some new friends out of the deal :) wish me luck!!!!

oh yeah, forgot to mention, i started my dreadlocks. i still have to start the back portion around my neckline, but they're looking good! well... as good as new dreadies can look :-P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

festival fun and hippie lovin...

spring for green was this past weekend in lowry city, mo. it was a fabulous time. brady stayed with grandma terry. next time i'll take him, but this time i just didn't feel ready to bring him along. there's nothing like being out in the woods with a bunch of hippies doing whatever it is they're doing, always living in the moment. i met several interesting people and spent a good amount of time with some traveling kids. i'm always amazed by traveling kids and the way they live. it's something that's always fascinated me. there was a time when i would've loved to have gone out on the road and enjoyed the pleasures of that oh-so-unglamourous lifestyle. now i can't imagine how they do it. one weekend of being dirty and sleeping on the ground and i'm more than ready to go back to the comforts of home. i did want to bring one certain hippie boy home with me though. he was so very cute in a dirty traveling kid kind of way. too bad. love me some blond cali boys:)

in other non-news... i finally moved. brady and i now have a place to call our own. we've lived there for about a month now and we are thouroughly enjoying it. it a tiny little place just on the kansas side of state line. it's cute and homie, but still needs a bit of work.

anyway... back to work! much love!

Monday, February 16, 2009

boycot valentine's day....

you wanna? i do!

ANYway... enough of my negativity:) i'm working on letting go of all the drama in my life, including all the people who are bringing drama into my life. it may sound harsh, but i've found that a lot of my friends that i've known for a long time are still the exact same as they were in highschool, and worse, they're still getting themselves into the same stupid situations as they were in highschool. i just don't have the energy to deal with it anymore.

on a different note... i've decided what i want to do with my life. i'm going to get certified as a birth doula. natural childbirth is one of the few things that i am most passionate about, and i would love to help women achieve this. eventually, i love to become a midwife, but for right now, this is what i truly want! i'm super excited to get started. wish me luck!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

it's a new year...

well another new years eve is gone. i definitely had a good time with good friends, but every year it seems like i set myself up for the same dissappointment. not just on new years eve, but all the time. once again i've gotten myself into this ongoing situation that is so very obviously going to turn out badly. but i can't help myself. i don't know how to be guarded. i'm an open book and i can't hide my feelings. and i don't know how to stop caring about him, and he won't ask me to. i don't know why i keep getting myself into this shit. grab your popcorn and watch it all fall to pieces...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas time.....

well as usual, i have dropped the ball on blogging. my life is just not that interesting mostly. so what's new? brady is talking like crazy! he's says soooo many words and i feel like a bad mom because i haven't counted and kept track of how many.

i am loving my new nannying job. kailey and alex are the sweetest little girls and i love them already!

brady loves the girls too!

my friend, deanna, took brady's 1yr pictures recently, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

so talented!! those are some of my favorites.
i went to a christmas party last night and had a blast. i'm realizing that i've made some great new friends recently and i'm loving every minute of it!
anyway, that's all that's going on in my life that's worth talking about at the moment :) just waiting for christmas and family to come into town. i need to get to cleaning my house and preparing for guests! hope everyone has happy holidays!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

playing hookie... well, not really:)

so i had the day off today. the girls were sick... not a good reason to have a day off, but i made the best of it anyway. i really would have loved to be outside in this beautiful weather, however i was also happy to have a sleeping child for several hours. i went to the coffeehouse this afternoon and got to hang out and play for a couple hours. brady had a blast. he loves my friend, erin's, daughter katie. they kept hugging and kissing each other and chasing each other around. it was the sweetest thing! let me know if you want an invite to the wedding:-P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

arrrrg!... and my busy weekend:)

I cannot even express the urgency of needing to find my own place! that's all i can say about that right now without getting overly emotional.

on to better things! this weekend has been insane. i worked yesterday morning until noon and then stopped by the house to drop brady off with grandma for a nap. i went to target to get birthday presents for the 2 parties we had that day. while doing that, i couldn't resist buying brady some much needed items, as well as some very un-needed items. i think i have a spending problem when i get paid at the beginning of the month. i need to take some things back and put the money in the bank. anyway, we went to brady's friend, brandon's birthday party first. he turned 4. and then we went to his friend, leta's 1st birthday party. leta's mom, emily, and i were in the same childbirth class. there were also a couple more kids from the class there and it's so funny to see how they've grown up over the past year. and brady actually ate a cupcake!!! at his own birthday party, he wanted nothing to do with his cake. and then there he was, with icing smeared all over his face! it was so sweet!

after all the saturday birthday festivities, i took brady to his grandma's house. the plan was to go home, shower, read a book, and go to bed early. well... i took a shower... and ended up going to erin's to kick it with her and nick. a great night spent with great people:) and thankfully i made it home safe in the 2:30am fog. it was a bit scary.

so today, i went and picked brady up and we went to wonderscope with jessica, bryan, and london for london's birthday. they had a blast in the 2 and under room! the rest of it was a bit lost on them. and i think it was nap time for both of them. so now we're going to make our way over to deanna's for some cake and celebrate london's beautiful first year!!! busy busy weekend. it never stops!

have a beautiful day!!!