Wednesday, April 22, 2009

crossing my fingers....!

so there's possibly a new job in my future. i'm meeting with a mama tonight or this weekend to chat/interview. i've been looking for a new nannying gig for a while now as the family i'm working with now is just not working out for brady and i anymore. my boss has brought nothing but negativity into our lives and it's become an extremely toxic environment. as much as i love the girls, i just cannot stand to see two kids raised to treat people so disrespectfully, and i will not allow my son to see and hear children being spanked and screamed at for simply acting the way they've been shown how to act. the family i'm hoping to work with is an AP family with 2 boys, ages 1 and 3. they eat healthy food and encourage socialization of their children. they are even willing to pay for a gym membership so i can take the kids and work out during the day!!! i mean, this is an absolute DREAM JOB!!! they actually already found a new nanny, but the mama emailed me yesterday telling me it was looking like it was possibly not going to work out with her, so she wants to meet with me. and even if i don't get the job, she seems like a really good person and maybe brady and i will make some new friends out of the deal :) wish me luck!!!!

oh yeah, forgot to mention, i started my dreadlocks. i still have to start the back portion around my neckline, but they're looking good! well... as good as new dreadies can look :-P

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